Residency visa in the UAE
relocation to Dubai
it's simple!

Residence Visa is a fast and legal way to move to Dubai with your entire family
visa for 2 years
Banking account and card
Get a free consultation from a Duway Relocate expert
Full support
at every stage
Our services are expedient, reliable and safe!
Minimum required
We work fast
and are always in touch
Best price,
fixed in the contract
Are you a business owner or a freelancer looking to make Dubai your new home, a place to live in and grow?
We offer a comfortable relocation process for you and your family.
For business
· luxurious and safe metropolis

· multicultural environment built on mutual respect

· excellent infrastructure for a fullfilling life, recreation and sports

· stunning coastline, beaches, parks, gardens and lagoons

· exciting entertainments and nightlife

· excellent kindergartens, schools and universities, unlimited opportunities for development
For freelancers and entrepreneurs
What opportunities
Dubai holds for you
For life
A wide range of additional services from apartment selection to setting up a company
· developed economy and reliable
banking system

· open access to the Gulf countries, Europe and America

· friendly business environment

· meeting point for professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world

· high salaries, great opportunities for work and business

· no tax on profits and capital gains: earn, boost profits and keep it all

Signing the deal,
Receiving Emirates ID
Medical Testing and Emirates ID Registration Form
Biometric scanning
for Emirates ID
Filling paperwork, obtaining entry permits,
Obtaining a bank account and card
Terms and Conditions
Registration time:
1 month
for one/first family member
for each subsequent family member
(for reunification - Dependant Visa)
Visa and ID are extended at the request of the client
Service validity period: 2 years
Additional services
- full support: visiting the bank and government agencies with our employee

- extended medical insurance with a larger coverage

- selection of a comfortable apartment for long-term rent

- registration or relocation of a business, obtaining licenses for business activities in the UAE, consulting and full business support, legal services
work in the UAE as a freelancer

Your opportunities
with Residency Visa in the UAE

official employment for work in the UAE
medical care in the UAE
using banking products in Dubai
obtaining the necessary certificates and invoices during the entire term of the visa and ID
Duway Relocate offers you one of the most expedient and fast ways to obtain residency in the UAE
a secure, happy life and independent future you dreamed of in Dubai
Freelance work is becoming one of the most common working conditions in the UAE because it offers many benefits for both employers and professionals, which is why you need to have a freelancer visa in Dubai
Any questions?
Feedback from our clients
Vitaly Kuznetsov
PHP Developer
When we thought about moving to Dubai, the first question was how to get legalized there. We contacted Duway Relocate, within a month I received all the necessary documents and residency in the UAE, after another 3 weeks - my wife and children received Emirates ID.
Marina Khodakovskaya
interior designer
I thank Duway Relocate specialists for their professionalism and reliability. Less than a month passed from the moment of arrival in Dubai to obtaining a visa and Emirates ID. The best offer for price and speed that I could find in the UAE.
Aljan Soltanov
The task was to obtain a resident visa in Dubai as quickly as possible and open a bank account here. Duway Relocate staff completed all the necessary documents, the process was as comfortable and simple as possible for me. Thank you!
Eliska Gricova
fitness trainer
Moving from Europe to Dubai opened new doors for me, new opportunities and acquaintances. A small investment in obtaining a visa and Emirates ID - and I already live and work in the city of my dreams. Thanks to the Duway Relocate staff.
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